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Idaho Archaeological Society meets at UI to discuss new ways for people to get involved in fascinati

Technology and public outreach were key topics at the Idaho Archaeological Society's 39th annual conference Saturday on the University of Idaho campus. The conference featured 15 presentations by professional and amateur archaeologists from across the state. Marc Munch, president of the IAS, said there's been a long-standing interest in Idaho for archaeology. "Archaeology is the study of humans in the past. In Idaho we've had 12,000 years of humans here, and archaeologists in the state right now are doing investigations of peoples throughout that entire time period," Munch said. Saturday's presentations represented that variety with a study dating back more than 10,000 years and one dating b

Archaeologists Dig Up Unusual Relics From Boise's History

BOISE — A porcelain-toothed dollhead so creepy archaeologists took to calling it "Chuckie" after the murderous movie doll. Intact bottles whose stamped glass tells tiny tales: "Sarsparilla, Lowell, Massachusetts." A shoe made of scab-brown leather as delicate as papyrus. A porcelain lid from a jar of "Oriental Tooth Paste," advertised as "England's Favorite Dentifrice," guaranteed to "impart a delicate fragrance to the breath." Those are some of the 7,000 to 10,000 bits and pieces of Boise history turned up during a twoweek excavation in August of an old well on Boise's Basque block. University of Idaho archaeologists also found marbles, tobacco tins and shards of flowered china in the well


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