The Idaho Heritage Partners

Collaborating to ensure the protection of Idaho's Heritage for the future

The Idaho Heritage Partners

Idaho’s heritage involves people, places, buildings and much more.  History and its preservation foster a sense of place and connect us all to the past in order to inspire, educate and provide perspectives for the future.  The Idaho Heritage Partners consists of six separate organizations, with distinct and unique missions, that have come together to complement each other’s efforts in a dynamic consortium. We collaborate to ensure that Idaho’s heritage is protected for future generations.

The Idaho Archaeological Society
is a non-profit organization founded in 1971 which strives to preserve, educate about, and encourage the study of Idaho’s antiquities.
The Idaho Heritage Trust
is a non-profit organization preserving the historic fabric of Idaho for our State's Bicentennial in 2090 through a program of statewide grants and technical assistance to more than 400 projects in every county in Idaho. Founded in 1989, the Idaho Heritage Trust began as a lasting legacy of the Centennial Celebration of 1990 and has funded over $3 million in grants to 274 organizations and provided grants and/or technical assistance to more than 400 projects in every county in Idaho.
Preservation Idaho
is a member funded non-profit organization founded in 1972 and dedicated to preserving the state's historic and cultural resources through education and advocacy. Established in 1972 by a group of Idahoans concerned with the alarming rate at which historic sites and resources in Idaho were being lost, these individuals created an organization that enabled members of the public to unite toward preservation of Idaho's historic built environment.
The Idaho State Historical Society
is a state agency providing essential services to Idahoans through education, stewardship of cultural resources and objects, historic preservation, and records management. We seek to inspire, enrich and engage all Idahoans by leading the state in preserving, sharing, and using history and cultural resources relevant to today to inform and influence the future.
National Trust for Historic Places
provides leadership, education, advocacy and resources to a national network of people, organizations and local communities committed to saving places, connecting us to our history and collectively shaping the future of America’s stories. Idaho is one of eight states served by the Trust's San Francisco-based Western Office; its Pacific Northwest Field Office was established in Boise in 2009.
The Idaho Association of Museums
is a non-profit organization which provides state-wide educational opportunities, advocacy, and promotion to aid the enrichment and advancement of museums as educational centers, agencies of research, cultural centers, and public repositories of cultural, aesthetic, scientific, and historical significance.
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FUNDING: This website update was due in part to the generous funding provided by the Idaho State Historical Society in the form of a Community Assistance Grant.

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