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Archaeologists Dig Up Unusual Relics From Boise's History

BOISE — A porcelain-toothed dollhead so creepy archaeologists took to calling it "Chuckie" after the murderous movie doll.

Intact bottles whose stamped glass tells tiny tales: "Sarsparilla, Lowell, Massachusetts."

A shoe made of scab-brown leather as delicate as papyrus.

A porcelain lid from a jar of "Oriental Tooth Paste," advertised as "England's Favorite Dentifrice," guaranteed to "impart a delicate fragrance to the breath."

Those are some of the 7,000 to 10,000 bits and pieces of Boise history turned up during a twoweek excavation in August of an old well on Boise's Basque block.

University of Idaho archaeologists also fo