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The Writing on the Rocks: Petroglyphs in Our Back Yard Southern Idaho's Canyons Are Billboards o

MELBA, Idaho — Taking a left onto Map Rock Road south of Nampa, I realized I was following modern road signs to find a set of ancient road signs: petroglyphs, which are intricate carvings found up and down the Snake River canyon outside of Boise. They are often located on the flat faces of boulders left where prehistoric Lake Bonneville once was. The petroglyphs, created by ancient indigenous people, are most often outlines and stickfigures etched into car-sized boulders. The lines curve, make circles and sometimes form shapes of animals and people. I recently took my son to Map Rock for an introduction to the etchings. It was a simple enough lesson to get to. We pulled off the road at an un


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