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Best of Boise - Best Dig: The Hayman House archaeology project

Staff Pick

One of our favorite events of 2015 focused on the Hayman House—what we called "a house of stone with a heart of gold." More important, we loved the story of Erma Andre Madry Hayman. Erma's story is, in many ways, the story of Boise. She lived at 617 Ash St. in a home built from the same type of sandstone as the Idaho Statehouse, which was built the same year in 1907. Erma lived there until she died, at the age of 102, in 2009. Nonetheless, the 900-square-foot house, had remained a mystery to the thousands of people who drive by it each day on nearby River Street until this past summer when an official archeological dig at the site unearthed more than 10,00 artifacts. The dig attracted 54 volunteers and 511 visitors. Anthropologists are still cataloging their findings, but upon the completion of the dig, they said they were thrilled at the results.

The original story can be found here.

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