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Archaeologists Dig Up History at the Old Fort Boise

BOISE -- A group of archaeologists and volunteers are in the middle of a historical dig in Boise. They're excavating under the front porch of one of the oldest homes in Boise.

On officer's row on the campus of what is now the VA hospital, a group of archaeologists are busy at work looking under the old porch of a home built in the 1860s.

We're looking for anything that is a human remain, said Audrey Chapman.

Not the kind of remain that you're thinking of. They’re looking for what the people back then left behind.

This is one of the earliest houses still standing in Boise, Idaho and it's an opportunity for us learn about Boise's early history, said Mark Warner, an associate professor of archaeology at the University of Idaho. They're digging and sifting, slowly uncovering history.

Mostly children's toys, a lot of nails since part of the house burnt down in the 30s, said Ella McCallie, an incoming