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Archeological dig taking place in the Basque Block

BOISE -- A big dig is going down in the Basque Block in downtown Boise, over 100 years after the Basque community settled here. In a partnership between the Basque Museum & Cultural Center and the University of Idaho, students are doing a two-week archaeological excavation at the Boarding House, near the museum. This dig gives students a firsthand experience, as well as showing many people the history that's literally beneath their feet. One of the really neat things is about archeology is that we often find things that aren't detailed or discussed in historical records, said Co-Director of the Basque Archeology Project, Stacey Camp. We're using it as an opportunity to reach out to the public and talk about what archeology entails. Archaeologists and historians are hoping to find out more about this home's first residents and who they were. Students will be out digging until August 12th.

Link to article can be found here.

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