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Arco Woman Fined for Stealing Artifacts

BOISE, Idaho - An Arco woman convicted of illegally excavating prehistoric artifacts from a national forest archaeological area is no longer welcome at such culturally significant sites.

A federal judge this week banned 60-year-old Roxanne Hale from such sites on public lands. She must also serve three years probation and pay more than $9,200 in restitution for the crime.

Hale pleaded guilty in March to one count of unauthorized excavation of archaeological resources.

She was found in September 2008 digging without a permit at the so-called Wood Canyon Number 1 site. The site is located in the Salmon-Challis National Forest is protected for its material remains of prehistoric human life.

Hale's artifacts and sifting and digging tools that were seized by federal investigators were forfeited as part of her sentence.

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