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BSU Students Chip Away at the Earth in Search of Historic Finds

​Canyon County Park is the site for an archaeological hunt

Walkaround Celebration Park this week andyou'll find nine pretty dirty Boise State University students makingeight nearly perfect rectangular holesin the ground.

No, it's not a strange exercise in hole-digging. It's weekthree of an on-site BSU archaeological field school atthis southern Canyon County site along the Snake River.

"After studying so much in the classroom, you kindof want to get out and do it,"said Bill Knowlden, 43, a former construction worker working on a second career.

You don't have to go to Africa or someexotic place to participate in an archaeological dig, students say.

Idaho offers a different kind of study, Knowlden said.

"Idaho archaeology is dealing with hunters and gatherers," he said. "It takes a lot of investigation to find evidence" of them.